Our vision of gastronomy


Awakened passion

The odyssey of flavors

In the depths of Arriaga’s culinary soul, there resides a burning passion that ignites the journey of each dish. It is an odyssey where flavors chart the course, and our chefs are the navigators who explore the vast and unknown gastronomic universe.

Every day, our cooks embark on their journey, ready to conquer the world of flavors. In their hands, ingredients are transformed into the secret ingredients of untold stories. Arriaga’s kitchen is the stage where these stories come to life, an experience where each diner is a character in their culinary tale.

The creation process is an epic of inspiration, where traditional recipes are navigation charts, but where we also venture into uncharted waters of innovation. Each dish is a relentless quest for the essence of ingredients, a dance of textures and flavors that awaken the senses.

The culinary journey at Arriaga is an invitation to all diners to join this odyssey of flavors. It is a reminder that passion is the compass that guides us in the pursuit of culinary excellence, and that each bite is a new horizon to explore in this exciting voyage.


Challenging the boundaries

Imagination and Innovation at its best

Innovation is the compass that guides our cuisine at Arriaga. Every day, in our gastronomic space, imagination combines with a pioneering spirit to create dishes that defy expectations and seek to expand culinary horizons.

Our chefs value each ingredient not only for its taste but also for its potential. Innovation is the engine that drives their creative minds to explore the unknown. Each dish is an experiment in which imagination and technique come together in a harmonious dance.

At Arriaga, innovation is evident in every creation. We are committed to the constant search for new combinations, techniques, and presentations that surprise and delight you. Creativity flows freely in our kitchen, and the result is dishes that challenge the boundaries of traditional gastronomy.

We believe that true magic happens when creativity is combined with technique. At Arriaga, we want to lead the way in culinary innovation, offering you a gastronomic experience that transports you to a world of completely new flavors and sensations.

Welcome to a place where imagination and innovation are the secret ingredients in every dish we serve. Where the kitchen is a laboratory of fresh and bold ideas.

Restaurante Arriaga: nuestra visión de la gastronomía
Restaurante Arriaga: nuestra visión de la gastronomía


Hands that shape flavor

Gastronomy as Art

Our creations are a handmade masterpiece. We consider ourselves artisans of the kitchen, dedicated to perfecting every stage of creation with our hands. Every movement, from selecting the freshest and most authentic ingredients to the final presentation, reflects a meticulous process focused on creating a work of Art.

Imagine carefully choosing the freshest and most authentic ingredients, as if you were selecting your colors to paint a picture. Each cut, blend, and seasoning is executed with precision, as if you were sculpting a unique sculpture. In our world, culinary creations can only be works of art in constant evolution.

We believe that cooking is manifested through manual labor. We not only admire and study what others have done before us, but we test their teachings and strive to surpass them. We experiment with both innovative and traditional flavor combinations and processes to bring unique culinary experiences to life. Each dish is an expression of our passion and dedication to the artisan craft of cooking.

Our hands are the tools that shape each culinary masterpiece. Every bite is a sensory experience, a symphony of flavors and textures created with care and manual precision. In our gastronomic corner, we celebrate the Art of gastronomy, where hands are the creators of unforgettable moments, and taste is the star.



The essence of gastronomy

The true magic of gastronomy lies in people. At every step of this culinary journey, from the farm to your plate, people are the heart and soul of our gastronomic philosophy. We take pride in weaving human connections at every stage of this journey.

We start with the farmers and fishermen who grow and catch the freshest ingredients. To us, they are not just suppliers; they are partners in our quest for excellence. We value their work, their knowledge, and their passion for delivering the best from the land and sea.

Our chefs, culinary artisans, are storytellers through food, translating their experiences and emotions into every dish they create. They are tireless explorers, always in search of new ways to surprise and delight you.

Our front-of-house team are the hosts who welcome you to your gastronomic home. Their dedication and hospitality create a warm and inviting atmosphere where you feel like family, even if it’s your first visit.

Finally, you, our guest, are the most important part of this equation. Your presence completes the gastronomic experience. Your conversations, your laughter, and your enjoyment give meaning to what we do. You are the reason we constantly strive for excellence.

At Arriaga, we understand that gastronomy is a celebration of people. Every dish we serve is an expression of gratitude to all who contribute to this culinary journey. Here, people are the essence of our gastronomic philosophy, and together we celebrate the beauty of food and community.

Restaurante Arriaga: nuestra visión de la gastronomía
Restaurante Arriaga: nuestra visión de la gastronomía



Rowing into the Unknown

The future has always been the guiding light for our actions. In our culinary journey, we never stop exploring, discovering, and creating, driven by a vision that honors tradition while embracing innovation.

We see ourselves as stewards of ancient culinary techniques, those that have been passed down through generations of passionate chefs. But we are also pioneers, fearless explorers who eagerly embrace new technologies, ingredients, and techniques.

Our vision of the future of gastronomy is a constant journey into the unknown, where flavors and culinary experiences are ever-evolving. We envision a world where sustainability and ethics are central in every choice we make, from the sourcing of ingredients to how we minimize our impact on the environment.

We envision a future where food is more than a necessity; it’s a way to connect with others, to celebrate life, and to explore new cultures. In this future, food is an artistic expression that captivates all the senses and creates lasting memories.

At Arriaga, we are committed to shaping this future through passion, creativity, and respect for tradition. Our vision is an ever-changing horizon, a blank canvas where we write culinary stories that inspire and captivate. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards the future of gastronomy.

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